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The iPhone SE was a one of a kind when it came to the world of phones. A sentence that feels weird considering nothing really stood out about the device. But the factor that brought in the crowds and made iPhone SE deals a choice for the masses was its position as the cheapest iPhone.

But now, it seems like the SE is dying out, very few retailers still stock the device and prices seem sporadic at best. So where do you now turn to get an affordable price from the notoriously expensive Apple? iPhone 6S deals.

The iPhone 6S came out a whole year before the SE and yet, in almost every way it is better. It's bigger, has a larger battery and stronger processor and offers 3D touch, a feature that never quite made it to the SE. Best of all, the prices have dropped significantly and now cost roughly the same as the iPhone SE at its cheapest, making it the perfect cheap iPhone. 

We've listed our top picks for iPhone 6S deals below but if none of them quite do it for you, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals. Whether you feel a calling to Android or a higher-spec iPhone, you'll find everything there.

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The best cheap iPhone 6S deals

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