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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 set to feature a touchscreen, unlike the last generation
Posted by James Peckham on 05 April 2018 08:39 AM

A tutorial for using the recently confirmed - but yet to be revealed - Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has appeared online and shows this will be the first fitness tracker in the series to feature a touchscreen display.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently confirmed the existence of the Mi Band 3, but didn't share any details of the features. However, a new leak from AndroidTR shows how you'll set up the next gen tracker, as well as how you'll interact with it to see your fitness stats.

The leak was found when a user was attempting to translate elements of the Mi Fit application - the app you pair your tracker with on your phone - from his Xiaomi Mi Band 2, but instead it showed the way the UI is set to work on the next gen tracker.

Stepping up

Most of the images show a very similar looking device to the Mi Band 2, but this one shows someone tapping on the screen and that's not something that was possible on the last version. You can see the screenshots in the video below.

There's still a button below the screen that will allow you to go back to the last menu, but if this leak is real it should allow you to interact with the tracker through the screen too. The original report speculates that there will be a higher resolution display than on the Mi Band 2, but it doesn't supply any hard evidence for this.

We can safely speculate the display will remain black and white on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, but we don't know anything for sure about the tracker apart from that Xiaomi is working on it.

We're beginning to see consistent leaks of the new device, so it may be that the company decides to announce it soon. Whether Xiaomi manages to keep the price as low as around £28/$35/AU$50, like it did for the Mi Band 2, remains to be seen.

Via Wareable

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