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UFC's relatively new home on ESPN+ today welcomes the latest Fight Night 149 event. The Russian octagon will be home to a huge main event when heavyweight Alistair Overeem (44-17-0, 1 NC) and Aleksei Oleinik (57-11-1) go head-to-head – and you can live stream UFC Fight Night 149 from absolutely anywhere you are.

On top of that exciting main event, between two of the most well trained UFC veterans, there's lots more to keep the card filled including lightweights Islam Makhachev (16-1-0) and Arman Tsarukyan (13-1-0) as the co-main event. The women's flyweight sees US mixed martial art expert Roxanne Modafferi (22-15-0) take Kyrgyzstan's Muay Thai fighter Antonina Shevchenko (7-0-0). 

UFC Fight Night 149 is set to be a real stunner and you can watch it in its entirety. All the fights can be watched in the US online via the ESPN+ subscription service. So keep reading to see your viewing options get a UFC live stream, whether or not you're in the US this weekend.

How to watch UFC online in the US for FREE

Live stream UFC from outside your country

Worry not if you're a huge UFC fan but aren't in the US to watch that ESPN+ coverage this weekend. If you've got your subscription (or free trial) sorted but then find the coverage is geo-blocked, you can try using a VPN to change your IP address to a US server and watch as if you were back at home.

Live stream UFC Fight Night 149 in the UK 

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Apple reportedly planning big upgrades to the cameras on the iPhone 11
Posted by David Nield on 20 April 2019 01:30 PM

What's on your wishlist for the 2019 iPhones? Based on analyst reports, Apple is planning to give both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 11 models a significant upgrade this year.

Well-respected Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo says that the selfie camera will get a boost from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels, 9to5Mac reports.

An extra layer of glass will apparently be added to the lens as well, for boosting the quality of your snaps, and these upgrades are being tipped to come to all three iPhone 11 models due in September.

Around the back, meanwhile, Apple is being tipped to add a third lens with super-wide angle capabilities on the two higher-end models, so you can fit more in your shots.

Go wide

The successor to the iPhone XR will have a dual-lens rear camera, Kuo says, with the follow-ups to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max featuring triple-lens rear cameras, with the new 12MP super-wide angle lens.

A triple camera array is something we've been seeing a lot in the iPhone 11 leaks that have appeared online so far, and it makes sense that Apple would want to upgrade the camera capabilities this time around.

The new report suggests Apple is going to use a special coating to make the front-facing cameras and the third rear-facing camera lens almost invisible.

That might make the square rear camera design a little less jarring – it's appeared in several leaked renders, and looks likely to dominate the back of the two premium iPhone 2019 models.

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Disney’s biggest competitor isn’t Netflix - it’s Fortnite
Posted by James O'Malley on 20 April 2019 01:00 PM

Back in 2013 Netflix’s Ted Sarandos perfectly captured the strategic challenge that  the growing streaming service rapidly faced: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us”, he told GQ magazine, in reference to the premium cable powerhouse that broadcasts the likes of Game of Thrones.

In other words: Though Netflix’s streaming technology is new and exciting (or at least it was five years ago), the technology alone won’t keep Netflix ahead - content matters too. That’s why, fast-forward to 2019, Netflix has utterly transformed both the living room and the movie theater. This year it is expected to spend a eye-watering $15 billion on films and TV shows for us to watch. 

In just a few short years Netflix has transformed from the new upstart challenger into the 800Ib gorilla in the entertainment industry. Even Amazon, a company that eats entire sectors for breakfast, has to play second-fiddle to Netflix when it comes to streaming.

And for that reason, there are some people out there like John Meyer, an industry analyst and founding partner at Transpire Ventures,  who think that even Disney, one of the biggest names in entertainment, might not be able to beat it. 

"I strongly believe Disney will not become a threat to Netflix whatsoever"

John Meyer, Transpire Ventures

"I strongly believe Disney will not become a threat to Netflix whatsoever," Meyer said in an email to TechRadar. "After all, they are a tech company at heart and have enormous power with the data they capture on their millions of subscribers, which helps them design what original content to create."  

But here’s the thing: Maybe Disney doesn’t need to beat Netflix. Maybe Netflix isn’t even Disney’s biggest strategic challenge. Instead, maybe Disney CEO Bob Iger should probably spend more time worrying about Fortnite

 (Image Credit: Epic Games) 

Picking your battles

Now, at first that might sound confusing. Why would Disney+, a new streaming service that bears close resemblance to Netflix, compete with an online game?

The answer was probably best given by Netflix itself in a letter sent to shareholders earlier this year: “Our focus is not on Disney+, Amazon or others, but on how we can improve our experience for our members.” 

"We compete with (and lose to) Fornite more than HBO."

Netflix, in a letter to shareholders

Furthermore, “We compete with (and lose to) Fornite more than HBO.” 

That's a pretty telling statement.

It's basically acknowledging that streaming services aren't that concerned with one another and instead, they're looking at the bigger picture - not only your generation, but the generation coming up right after it, too. 

And Netflix knows they're going to be much harder to win over.

If Disney wants this to be their future, it will have to start winning kids over now.  (Image Credit: Netflix) 

Disney will need to duke it out with Fortnite

At this point you might be thinking that Disney, rights holders and creators of franchises like Star Wars and Frozen must have kids wrapped indefinitely around their finger, and that that gives them an advantage here, right?


Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you grew up in a vastly different media environment to kids today. The reason we’re so excited about Disney+ is because it appeals to us, our interests and our sense of nostalgia. 

But if you’re eleven years old today, your world isn’t (exclusively) one of Marvel and Disney Princesses. It is one where mindshare is dominated by Fortnite, aggressively dumb YouTubers and, presumably, a bunch of other entertainment brands in the gaming, fashion, music and movie world. Instagram influencers. Snapchat stars – not to mention the content your friends are producing.

So there could be a generation of kids growing up today who lack the pavlovian reaction we have when we hear John Williams’ Star Wars theme tune, because that mindshare has instead been stolen by the Epic Games upstarts.

We might love these characters, but it doesn’t mean the next generation will too.

It’s inevitable that Fortnite the game will at some point be knocked off of its perch as top dog and replaced by another new game in the next year (cough, Apex Legends), but the real threat to Disney in the long term is that there’s currently a generation of kids who will have a similar reaction when Epic Games reboot Fortnite in 20 years time that we have to the Star Wars Episode IX trailer.

We can already see the generational schism starting to happen. When Solo came out, the childrens’ market research firm Kids Insight found just 2% of kids mentioning the film in the month before it was released - performing worse than Deadpool 2 (not exactly a kids film) and Peter Rabbit (yes, the one with James Corden). To them, Star Wars is less a cultural touchstone and more just a logo on one of dad’s old t-shirts.

Similarly, when The Muppets performed at London's O2 last year, they failed to sell out the arena - because the characters lack the cultural cachet they once commanded with an older generation. We might love these characters, but it doesn’t mean the next generation will too.

Kids love Moana, but they might love Fortnite even more... (Image Credit: Disney)

Kids are the key

Disney owns your childhood and, if everything goes right with Disney+, it will own your kid's childhood, too.

Whether Disney+ manages to beat Netflix in terms of subscribers numbers is almost irrelevant. Even if it ends up second or third place, there will always be a place on your smart TV or your iPad for Disney+. Why? Because Disney owns your childhood and, if everything goes right with Disney+, it will own your kid's childhood, too.

For both better and worse, Disney isn’t a company that makes a technology platform, or even one that makes films. The entire company is instead focused around intellectual property - hence why theme parks are just as important to the company as feature films. Under current CEO Bob Iger, Disney has hoovered up all of the characters you enjoyed as a kid: It bought the Muppets in 2004, Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009, LucasFilm in 2012 and 20th Century Fox just this year. 

Think of the mindshare that gives Disney - whether it is Kermit, Buzz Lightyear, Captain America, Han Solo or Homer Simpson you want to watch, you have to hand over your cash to their single corporate gatekeeper.

Disney is still thinking about that future generation - this year alone, Disney is rolling out Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars Episode IX and a remake of The Lion King, all of which will attract a young audience and win significant mindshare - but the utter cultural dominance of Fortnite among young people is an example that even though Disney might seem unbeatable today, it shouldn’t assume that the characters and stories that we love will continue to work forever.

  • Disney+ streaming service: price, release date, shows, movies and more

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Got your breath back yet? Well it's time to go again. Same teams, same stadium, same result? Unlikely, but Man City have a Premier League title to win and Spurs will want to show that going through on Wednesday was no fluke. You're in the right place to get a Man City vs Tottenham live stream - regardless of where on Earth you are.

So which way is this one going to go? Forget the two legs of the Champions League and the smart money would always be on Manchester City. With that attacking force that includes Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and both Silvas, very few teams on the planet can compete.

But that's exactly what Spurs have done over the last couple of weeks. And they will want to embrace the confidence and take it back to the Etihad today. Without talismanic striker Harry Kane, they'll be weakened in attack. But Son Heung-Min has shown that he's more than capable of leading the Spurs front line.

Keep reading to discover all the details you need in order to live stream Man City vs Tottenham Hotspur, regardless of where in the world you are. And to find out how to watch every single league game this season, you should also take a look at our guide on how to live stream Premier League football

Use a VPN to watch Premier League football from outside your country

If you're abroad this weekend but still want to watch your home coverage, you'll need a VPN to do so. That's because your normal coverage will be geo-blocked. It's really easy to do and stops you having to tune in to some dodgy stream you've heard about on Reddit.

How to stream Man City vs Spurs live in the UK 

How to watch Man City and Tottenham: US live stream 

How to watch a Premier League live stream in Canada

How to live stream Man City vs Tottenham in Australia for FREE!

How to watch Man City vs Spurs: New Zealand live stream 

How to live stream Premier League football in India

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BlackBerry Messenger is closing down for consumers at the end of May
Posted by David Nield on 20 April 2019 09:30 AM

Having once dominated instant messaging conversations across the planet, BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is closing down its consumer operations on May 31.

"The technology industry... is very fluid, and in spite of our substantial efforts, users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved difficult to sign on," explains current developer Emtek in a blog post.

If you're still using BBM, you'll need to download any your photos, videos and other files you've shared before the service shuts down for good.

After May 31, the apps will no longer work and you won't be able to access your conversation histories. If you've got questions, Emtek has put up a FAQ.

Fond memories

"We are grateful for your support and wish to thank everyone, especially our users, partners, and employees, for being part of the BBM consumer service journey," says Emtek.

"We hope you will cherish many fond memories of BBM consumer service that helped shape messenger platforms to become what they are today."

And that's no exaggeration – BBM first appeared in 2005, way before any of the modern alternatives like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger had been invented. In the end though, the competition was too great.

If you still need a BBM fix, BlackBerry Limited (which retained the rights to the business version of BBM) has said that BBM Enterprise will be made available on iOS and Android for free for a year, with a $2.49-per-year subscription fee after that.

Via Gizmodo

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